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The new TMF EP is now available.

Hey guys Footy here hope you are all good . Well i guess the big news is that the new EP is now out and it is allready selling well the signs are good. I hope you have yours and you are enjoying it.

For those of you who haven't got it i will give you a quick description it has 3 songs- 1. Lookin' out the window 2. Long walk home 3. Richard the roadie - we recorded it in one day with great help from Chris Holland who deserves a lot of credit for producing it and making us sounds excellent.

The other big news is that we are playing with the Dead Pets on the 17th March. We would really like a lot of our fans to come along and support us and check out the Dead Pets they are well good. I'm sure there will be a big crowd but we would like a lot of our fans there to support us and make it a good night for all the bands.

Before i go i would just like to give my apologies to everyone who came to the Basement gig when we where headlining for the way everybody was treated. Im sure you will realise that there wasn't anything we could do and we was treated the same as everybody which to say the least was like shit. We wont be gigging there for a while i promise you.

Anyway thanx to everyone who has been to see us lately i hope you like the new songs and we will have some more new ones all the time so keep coming back and make sure you all get a CD bought (haha)




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