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This Debut EP contains four songs and is a raw sounding CD from the early days of TMF with the fast punk intro of "Looking out the window" to the slow rocking 8 min epic of "Waiting for you " to finish the CD. It is a good reflection of the early days of TMF.


1. Looking Out The Window  - 2. What Went Wrong? - 3. Faces On The Wall  - 4. Waiting for you .

Price  -  £3

TMF - Live At The New Roscoe 

This CD is good quide to what you get when you see TMF live. A good mix of really good pop - punk tunes mixed with  few rocking slower tracks and a good amount of fun and antics from the band. This is a rare recording of when TMF where a 4 piece and it was named the "Cusic only has one eye brow" concert after the former guitarist Tom Cusic. A good CD well worth the £3 tag.


1. Looking Out The Window - 2. Allways Remember - 3. So Sorry - 4. Sucker - 5. What Went Wrong? - 6. Faces On the Wall - 7. Better days - 8. Richard The Roadie - 9. ??? - 10. Waiting for you .

Price £3


The selftitled second EP from TMF is a well produced CD with a some quality songs that will get everybody nodding along with the well constructed punk songs. A much improved CD from there first EP and you can tell how the band have progressed. With Footy's vocals having much improved from the first EP and the layered guitars from Amos giving a excelent full sound with Ste's quality backing it is a much better sound than the first EP. With the much improved  version of "Looking Out The Window" ,slowing becoming the bands unofficial anthem, kicking the CD off it is a fast punk Cd from the very first second. The second song a new effort from the band "Long Walk Home"  has a slow intro to hide the true guts of the song which bursts into life. The final song on the list is the fun side of the band. It is a song which stems from Footy's little brother and has a Ska influence to the chorus and bridge.


1. Looking Out The Window - 2. Long Walk Home - 3. Rich The Roadie.

Price £3


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