Photo Page 1
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Most of these pics were from our first ever gig at Josephs Well in Leeds
I would like to apologise for the serious lack of good pics of Ste beacause i know he is the favourite with all the ladies (and men) out there but unfortunatly there is a lack of photos of him so you will have too make do with Footy's fat arse instead until we get some more pics sorry guys.

I know you cant really see Ste in any pics but believe me he is back there somewhere
Amos showing us all how to sing.
Go on big boy!!!!!!!
You can nearly see Ste on this one. WAHEY
It's like spot the ball. You put an X were you think Ste's head is. If you get it right you win a kiss off Ste at our next gig

What a time to pick your nose.