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Hi I'm Amos. As the main man of the band it can get pretty stressful bieng this big headed but i handle it well.My influences are a variety of groups from the Beatles(the best band in the world)Jimi Hendrix, Sublime, Millincolin, Donuts. Anyway thats pretty much me oh yeah im 21 and play a guitar aswell and i will be louder than you Steve.


My name is steve(or in the words of footy easy now this is steve!) I have been playin drums for 2 years. my birthday is on the 14th of December. As the youngest in the band I am allowed to be the most babyish and immature in the band!.I am also the loudest in the band Amos trys to beat me, he has no chance! my favorite bands are blink 182(the best band in the world!)NOFX, less than jake, the sex pistols, lost prothits, rancid, jimmy eat world, alkaline trio none more black, distillers,kid dyamite, lagwaggon, the movie life!and some loacal bands which are bands which are three33(but they have changed there name so i dont no what they r called now i will find out!) the noise(was opium) mr shiraz saving lenny ow yea and the dead pets they are good too! I think dance music is shite so i wont go there! I think TRAVIS BARKER is the best drummer that has ever lived and i will always think that!! no more lip ring tis now out again owell,dont forget to listern out for when the gig is and when we will be getting the cd out it shudnt be that long now so keep all ya eyes and ears open for them dates so peace out and keep it real brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone my name is Chris foote (footy).
I play bass in the band and sing.
People i like-Nirvana,Blink182,Bad religion,Limp Bizkit,Madness,The doors,Pennywise,Minor Threat,PUSA,Everclear,Cyprus Hill,Bob Dylan,Jimi Hendrix,Millencolin,Green Day,FenixTX,Meatloaf,Sum41,NOFX(the best of all),NFG,Hoobastank,Bloodhound Gang,Incubus,Donots,Less Than Jake,Goldfinger,Hundred Reasons,Tenacious D,The Offsring,Bowling for soup,The Streets,Uncle Brian(one of the best live bands ever),Red Hot Chillies thats in no particular order!
The best film ever is Jay and Silent Bob strike back
I am 23 years old, single and I'm the oldest in the band.